Organic farm in Marche with cultivation of apples

Organic farm in Marche with cultivation of apples: Mela rosa gentile dei Sibillini.

Caravanserraglio for Artists, Lovers and Travelers

A magical place with a young and informal atmospher , an organic farm in the Sibillini National Park, among woods, vineyards and green fields for horses. A group of five houses divided into six beautiful apartments, a large park with oaks and in the center a beautiful and large pool, a restaurant with organic products, and a dance floor facing a stunning views and, around everything, such a silence to impress your ears.

Organic farm with holiday accommodation.

The Caravanserraglio agritourism has a whole agricultural activity, besides the activity of hospitality for holidays.

The farm is spread in an incredibly scenic location atop a hill at 500mt. height, an area of about 5 ha of arable land and orchard, and as many in forest. The farm is completely surrounded by woods and vineyards, far away from any form of pollution from urbanized civilization. Founded as a center of breeding and training horses, gone through several evolutions, now the activity is divided between the agricultural part of the organic cultivation of fruit, and activities that revolve around the farm-hospitality.

Mele rosa coltivazione biologica

Mele rosa coltivazione biologica

Mele rosa coltivazione biologica

Mele rosa organic farming and orchard
Country house with organic farming and orchard

The organic orchard

The orchard of about a thousand plants is composed predominantly of apples, we have about thirty different varieties of apples in the ancient conservation natural, such as the Sibillini pink apple, apples with crushed poly and more peel thick, resistant apples suitable for cultivation organically and preserved naturally without cold storage.
We also grow: pears, apricots, plums, peaches, figs, cherries and blackberries. The fruit produced, self-certified organic, we follow carefully our specification (we voluntarily left the mechanism AMAB certification along with many other local farmers in 2015.) is partly sold directly from the farm to markets and via Internet, and partially transformed into preserves and jams which can be enjoyed in your breakfasts at the Caravanserai.

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Mele rosa coltivazione biologica

The farm is located in an incredibly panoramic position on top of a hill at 500 meters. height above sea level. The company includes an area of about 10 ha of arable land and orchard, surrounded by woods, far from any form of pollution from urbanized civilization. Born as a breeding and training center for horses, passed through the years through various evolutions, it is now divided between the agricultural part of organic fruit cultivation, and the activities that gravitate around the farm and hospitality.

The large organic vegetable garden serves the restaurant, although during high season it is not enough for all guests. The care of animals, today reduced in number is no longer a real job even if it remains a commitment and we like to consider it a pleasant commitment.

Sale of the Sibillini pink apples


We sell directly without intermediaries, delivery can take place on the farm by appointment or directly to your door by courier.

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The care of the orchard and the countryside in some seasons engages most of our time, pruning, thinning, harvesting are activities that require all our time, although we have all the latest equipment such as tractors, cutters, sprayers. Every season has its commitments and rhythms. If you want to help or learn for example to do; grafting, pruning, care for the garden and much more get in touch with us, remembering that as they said the grandparents that the earth is "low.".

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Tel. +39 333 8492998 Cooking courses and escoursion in the center of Italy Mele rosa coltivazione biologica

Mele rosa coltivazione biologica