Escursioni e visite guidate dall'agriturismo Marche

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L'Agriturismo nelle Marche con case vacanza ed appartamenti con piscina

Taste of Marche
Enjoy guided Art Tours in Marche and Italian Cooking Classes.
Art Tours in Marche, Italy

Just like the neighbouring regions Tuscany and Umbria, Marche is rich in history, art and culture. Enrich your visit to Marche Italy with excursions to the most fascinating locations, monuments, churches, museums, abbeys, convents and palazzi. Also the local markets, walking tours and exhibitions can give that extra touch to your holiday in Marche. Phaedra is Dutch, graduated art historian and enthousiastic narrator about the local history, artists and traditions. Together you discover that there are many similarities between Marche and it's neighbouring regions of Italy, with local characteristics that make this cultural inheritance unique. For sure the peace, the wonderful food, the kind local people and the beauty of Nature will suprise you in a positive way, during the excursions to art-towns and villages, often situated idealisticly on top of a green hill with fantastic views. The excursions are alternated with Italian cooking classes and wine tastings at the Caravanserraglio restaurant, and are inclusive 7 nights accommodation with breakfasts at Caravanserraglio.

Taste of Marche
Taste of Marche
Cooking Courses and Art Tours in Italy, Marche with your personal Italian chef, discovering local Italian dishes, recipes, fun !

Taste of Marche combines Italian cooking classes with Art Tours In Marche, if you have a passion for cooking ānd Art in Italy. Everyday a cooking course, excursion to Art Cities, visit to local markets to buy the ingredients, or picking aromatic herbs and vegetables from the kitchen garden. Cooking classes and dinners based on regional recipes at the Caravanserraglio restaurant. All land travel in Italy included in the itinerary by private air-conditioned 8 person coach.

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