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Italy Cooking Marche Cookery Courses

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Marche Cooking Cookery Courses Italy

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Italy Cooking Courses - Courses Italy
Italy Cooking Courses

The Intenso Cooking Course Italy

Cooking Holidays for Lovers of Italy and Italian Food

If good food, good wine and cooking are your passions, if a gourmet vacation is what you are looking for, then Intenso Cooking course is the solution for you

Marche Activities, Cooking Courses, Art excursions and Walking Tours

The cooking classes are held in English, by your Italian chef and host Ennio Barbieri. Ennio Barbieri has gained a lot of experience working as a Chef, he is an active member of the Slow Food association, researcher of ancient traditions, and a real alchemist. Behind his joking and informal attitude hides an enormous source of knowledge and information that satisfies both the lover of the Italian Kitchen and the professional. Marche Activities, Cooking Courses, Art excursions and Walking Tours Everyday a cooking course, excursions to local markets to buy the ingredients, picking aromatic herbs and vegetables from the kitchen garden, wine tasting and lectures. Italian cuisine is inseparable from the Wines and the vineyards the markets and the medieval villages, the landscape and the climate and Marche is the perfect place to experience the real authentic Italy.

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  • 1250,00 € per person per week
Cooking Italy Marche
Italian Cooking
Cooking Courses Italy Marche
the Caravanserraglio restaurant

Highlights of the Intenso Cooking Course Italy:

  • Italian hands-on cooking classes and dinners based on regional recipes at the Caravanserraglio restaurant.
  • A series of lively and informative background lectures on the Italian Kitchen and Italian wines.
  • You will learn directly from a real Italian Chef about gastronomic delights such as Truffle, porcini Mushrooms, fresh pasta, gourmet dishes and much more.
  • Visits to various local wine cellars where Vernaccia reds have gained the prestigious DOCG title in Italy.
  • Visit to local pecorino cheesemakers. Demonstration of the making of mozzarella cheese, ricotta and pecorino cheeses.
  • Accommodation at the beautiful Caravanserraglio agriturismo with swimming pool, in comfortable self-catering apartments.
Italy Cooking Courses - Courses Italy
Italian Cooking Courses
Italy Cooking Courses - Italy Courses
Italy Cooking Holiday