A short story about Caravanserraglio

There are places that retain original purity.

Ennio in Marche Italy

About the story

Everything is started almost three decades ago, in the 1989. At that time Ennio, after having travelled around the world for his work with horses, he has organized different Agriturismi in Tuscany, he decided to start a new adventure: he settled down at Serrapetrona and that's how Caravanserraglio was born. At that time the new project was with horses, animals and young-riders. During the years a lot of things have changed and he transformed the property in a beautiful place to receive guests. Ennio is the one that will welcome you at Caravanserraglio and will help you at your arrival, he is always happy to give you information about the historical sites, traditions and the artworks in the area. Ennio in Marche Italy

Cooking classes in Marche Italy


Ennio: nobody knows whether he's able to do everything or he's just a lucky guy . For sure you can rely on him for what his passions are: cooking, children, horses and trekking. After working professionally breeding and training horses, teaching children and youngsters the art of training and riding horses, he took a risk and purchase a farm and found himself obliged to develop the art of renovating the farm and as if that wasn't enough, once completed the work he had to develop the art of making the new place earn a living: hence his full immersion in the kitchen of the restaurant and in the orchard of the farm, transforming thus a simple passion in a profession, giving him a lot of satisfaction. You can understand that with so many commitments he needs to escape every now and than: that's how he developed the art of trekking and his knowledge of the mountains and the sea. Like Italian grandmothers use to say: learn the art and put it aside or learn a trade for a rainy day. Who knows what Ennio will invent next on the moment you decide to come and visit us; Ciao and see you in Le Marche!

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Many things have changed since the beginning, today there are no more horses and animals, the children have grown up and we have aged, the desire to have fun and relax without fake etiquettes remains identical.